Funny and SO me.

The top one is just too kyoot and the bottom ones are just priceless... enjoy yall!


And Now Presenting

All stand rise and greet the most awesomoso co-president in the universe....*duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuh* Thank you thank you no really you shouldnt have...Lol anyways I just wanted to thank all those who have thought about applying for these positions. If you have wanted to and thought about it but keep putting it off...YOU'RE PERFECT! Honestly we need people to unite and show support for those that have a "fashionably late" sense about everything like parties, homework and feed that random pet thats been starving for weeks. Come on People!!! Lets show the world the beauty of procrastination...

Wise and Fabulous

Heather Feather

Applications People!

Come on! I need some back-up here people! Surely someone is interested! I'm running out of time and I need your help! I can't keep this living on my own here!



Wow, I get way too much joy out of making jokes into something big like this.... lol! *Ahem*
Now, about those positions.... I'm sure many of you younger people, like me, consider yourselves quite the procrastinator. And if you feel that this rare talent needs mentioning and if you feel that you are worthy, please feel free to apply for the following offices.

* Vice President

* Council Member
* Advisor
* Dean
* Secretary

You may place your applications in the form of a comment and I will read over them. Then I will put them off until tomorrow, when I will re-read them and then Heather and I will, after much consideration, determine who is best for each job.... You will then be invited, as members of the faculty, to post blogs under a subject appropriate for this blog or anything interesting that may have anything to do with procrastination and such laziness, and in some cases any random exciting event or even babbling. As I tend to do.....

(I think it would be fun for all youth who have blogs to participate, kind of like a random information station for fun and random things about your lives. That would make this a bit of a conference blog, where we all contribute to the conversation..... just for fun. And I'll shut my trap now, as I appear to have gotten off babbling again..... Anyway, enjoy!)