well lets get on with it

Ok all rise and make ready for her most awesomest co-presidente since the birth of the universe... Heather Feather!
Ok so i havent posted in awhile and i decided to put up some awesome material to get this thing going. I been thinking about it for about 3 or 4 days so i figured to the time to be about right. OH! and i found out something of magnificent importance... in the Bible it says good things come to those that wait...so therefore! this club/association of the brilliant is now an association of the holy and sanctioned by God! Awesome huh? Take THAT you overachievers who obviously are leading an immoral life of doing things on time and such! Haha well on to business...
I know you all appreciate learning things about art so here goes...Guido Daniele. He is a magnificent artist dominating the art of painting hands and body art in general. He was also nominated for Hero of the Year by Discovery Channel. Since I know everyone who reads this has an attention span of like 10.5 seconds on a good day...On to the pretty pictures!!!!(which you proceed to stare at in extreme awe...)
WAH! in yo' face
Zebra black w/white stripes or white w/ black stripes? Who cares this looks awesome!
Toucan wow i love the beak!
Ok so thats all for this moment until i decide that another post shall proceed written by myself!!
Wise and Fabulous
Heather Feather

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Friggy said...

That's Right! Being fashionably late has and always will be in tune with righteousness.... and if it's not... well, it will always be Righteous!!! Surf's up dude!!!